Engineering and Educational Technologies at Electrical and Computer Systems [Online journal].
Quarterly theoretical and practical journal. – Kremenchuk: KrNU, 2013. – Iss. 3/2013 (3). –
Access mode: http://eetecs.kdu.edu.ua

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Information - communication technologies at education

O. Chornyi, S. Romanenko, N. Istomina   (download)
[in Ukrainian]

The article presents an analysis of the development and regulatory basis for creation electronic publications. Theirs classification has been described. Has been researched directions of the Internet publications development as scientific publications. The components of the electronic edition elements have been identified, theirs advantages over printed editions. Current state of technical electronic scientific publications in Ukraine have been investigated and future forms of scientific communication for create own scientific electronic publications have been offered.

Key words: electronic publication, internet publication, internet communication, information resource.

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Information systems and technologies. Mathematical modeling

Ye. Knizhnik, A. Perekrest, A. Maslivets (download)
[in Ukrainian]

Existed control systems of thermal power  objects were examined. Requirements for remote supervisor systems were defined. The remote supervisor system based on the KRNU SAUE department was developed . The problems of information trasmission between the system objects were examined. The computer program for the local receiving and transfer of thermal power  objects' state data was designed. Web interface for the remote access to data is developed.

Key words: heating system, supervising, web-monitoring and control.

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O. Chornyi, V. Tytyuk (download)
[in Ukrainian]

Features of modeling and research of electric drives with induction motors by means of a numerical calculation of their mathematical models in mathematical package Matlab, Sіmulіnk applications, SіmPowerSystems libraries have been considered. Features of mathematical models taking into account transducers, methods of numerical integration of differential equations systems of models in their study we examined in more detail. Quantitative and qualitative differences in the decisions that arise when an unjustified choice of the numerical method and its parameters, as well as taking into account real parameters of the converters output energy in the models have been shown. Errors which may occur in the decisions of the simulation nave been analyzed. Simulation results were presented.

Key words: electric drive, induction motor, frequency converter, features of modeling, numerical methods.

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– St. Petersburg: Crown–Print, 2004. [in Russian]

Electrical complex and systems. Energetics

N. Rudenko (download)
[in Russian]

The effect of the displacement current in the rotor induction motors with double squirrel cage and powerful generators is considered. Were analyzed methods of determining electromagnetic parameters of the rotor of induction motors with complex structures, taking into account the effect of the current displacement. The features of the equivalent circuit of induction motors with intricate designs and that is how in these schemes is taken into account the effect of crowding are considered. Identified weaknesses of each of the considered methods, based on which was selected the most expedient way to determine the electromagnetic parameters of the rotor in view of effect of the current displacement for the induction motors with complex structures.

Key words: effect of current displacement, induction motors with double squirrel cage, equivalent circuits, the current penetration depth, the skin depth.

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A. Velichko, A. Serdjuk, M. Kobilyanskiy (download)
[in Russian]

The analysis of features of complexes and devices operation, providing safety of educational laboratories in  semi-base apartment, on the basis of which  requirements to the reserve-emergency source of power supply are formulated, has been carried out. The structure and algorithm of the system standby-emergency power supply, allowing to increase the reliability of safety systems and life support training labs.

Key words: reserve-emergency source of power supply, systems of safety and life-support.

1. Sukach S.V., Shutkа O.V. Technical Solutions of Efficiency Increase of the System of Individual Ventilation of the Laboratories // Visnyk of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi State  University. – 2010. – Iss. 3/2010 (62), рart 2. – PР. 51–55. [in Ukranian]

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[in Russian]

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– PP. 37–39. [in Russian]

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D. Rodkin, Yu. Romashykhin (download)
[in Russian]

The features of the components forming the instantaneous power of three-phase system. It is proved that in a symmetrical three-phase system in the signal instantaneous power than DC power harmonics of multiples of six. The efficiency of the components of instantaneous power in the analysis energoprotsessov a three-phase network.

Key words: instantaneous power, three-phase electric motor.

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M. Yukhimenko (download)
[in Russian]

The opportunity of using the developed method for controlling power switches a transistor inverter AC voltage in the stator induction motor to improve energy performance and adjusting the drive. Performed a comprehensive evaluation and comparison of energy and adjusting parameters of the system and the most common systems of the electric machinery industry. The domain of the rational use of the system and the generic mechanisms, in which it can be used. The evaluation of the technical and economic performance of the developed system.

Key words: induction motor, transistor voltage converter, control algorithms, control performance, energy efficiency.

1. Moguchev M.B. Improving the energy performance of dynamic and electric shovels made on the basis of monoblock transistor converter with direct energy exchange with the network. Thesis for the degree of Ph.D. – Samara: Samara State Technical University, 2006. [in Russian]

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// Proceedings of the 11th Scientific-Technical. Conf. "AC Motors", 24–26 February 1998. – Ekaterinburg: Ural State Technical University, 1998. – PP. 102–107. с

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