Engineering and Educational Technologies at Electrical and Computer Systems [Online journal].
Quarterly theoretical and practical journal. – Kremenchuk: KrNU, 2014. – Iss. 1/2014 (5). –
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Information - communication technologies at education

S. Serhiyenko (download)
[in Ukrainian]

The article discusses the issues of entering higher education institutions and, in particular, the imperfections of external independent evaluation mechanism that result in direct current and potential economic losses. Mathematical training in schools as an example of Kremenchuk was analyzed as well as the effect of training on the results of an independent external evaluation. There were measures proposed on career guidance agitation which should ensure an efficient enrollment policy and motivation for the school-leaves to the conscious choice of the future profession.

Key words: quality of education, testing of students, independent external evaluation, the state of mathematical training, carrier guiding work.

1. The International Scientific Conference "Educational Measurement–2013» // Weekly Mirror. Ukraine. – October 25, 2013. – № 39. [in Ukrainian]

2. Official report on the external evaluation of educational achievements of graduates of secondary schools in 2013 [Electronic resource]. – Kyiv: Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, 2013. – Available at: http://datatp.com.ua/reports/ZNO2013.zip/. [in Ukrainian]

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S. Romanenko, O. Chornyi (download)
[in Ukrainian]

The article provides analysis of results of scientific-methodical seminar «Information Technologies in Education» for 2012–2013. There is provided a list of reports that were discussed at the workshop is given their brief description. There are highlighted the results of cooperation of secondary and high schools in Kremenchuk, which enhances the quality of students, and inparticular those who are planning to enter the engineering profession. There are identified the outlooks of seminar development.

Key words: information and communication technologies in education, scientific seminar, improving the quality of learning, cooperation of secondary and high schools.

1.  Results of scientific-methodical seminar "Information technology in the learning process" [Electronic resource]. – Available at: http://saue.kdu.edu.ua/index.php/ua/seminar-itnp.
[in Ukrainian]

2.  Shestakov S. About school mathematics education and education in general [Online resource]. // Mathematics. Appendix to newspaper «Pervoe Sentiabria». – Moscow:, 2003. – № 36. – PP. 1–2. – Available at: ttps://mat.1september. ru/2003/36/no36_1.htm. [in Russian]

3. Sergienko S.A. Entering admission higher educational institutions: issues of school-leaves’ training and ways of improvment of carrier guiding work / Report on the scientific-methodical seminar "Information technology in the learning process" [Electronic resource]. – Available at: http://saue.kdu.edu.ua/index.php/ua/seminar-itnp. [in Ukrainian]

Information systems and technologies. Mathematical modeling

P. Kostenko, Ya. Pozhar, S. Zlochevskyi (download)
[in Ukrainian]

Development of a tripod for recording 3D panoramas is considered. A detailed analysis of existing hardware solutions is conducted. Noted features of a functional use of topical market 3D heads and shows their main advantages and disadvantages. The concept of advanced design panoramic head is proposed. The paper presents the results of three-dimensional modeling of the structure of the head to capture 3D panoramas. Drawings developed and created an experimental model of the proposed design. The advantages of using the proposed structure in the 3D head and the prospects for further improvement.

Key words: 3D panorama, panoramic head, 3D tour, nodal point, virtual 3D tours.

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9. Pozhar Y. Developing a model of panoramic head shoot 3D panoramas means 3D Max // Abstracts of VII International Scientific and Technical Conference "Computer Systems and Network Technology» (CSNT–2014), Kyiv, 17–19 April 2014. – Kyiv: National Aviation University, 2014. – P. 126. [in Ukrainian]

Results of work and development prospects of the scientific directions

D. Mamchur (download)
[in Ukrainian]

This article deals with analyzing the periods of formation, progress and functioning of the Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive Department of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University during 1998 – 2013. The aim of the analysis is to evaluate the scientific, practical and educational-pedagogical results of the department’s functioning, defining its place in electromechanicians’ society. The analysis has shown, that department is a self-sufficient team, which actively develops its own scientific school devoted to solving the problems of evaluation and increasing the energy efficiency of the electromechanical equipment operation by analyzing the energy processes, which provides a wide possibilities for practicing in related area, creating educational courses using up-to-date scientific and practical results in the area of electrotechnics. Strong relations with electromechanical industrial enterprises provides possibilities for development and implementation for industry novel devices, as well as using in scientific and practical work, and in training students, the modern industrial equipment, which allows to increase the quality of preparation and competitiveness of graduating students. The effective cooperation of the department with international educational institutions allows to share novel achievements and experience with the leading international professionals, which makes it possible to implement novel world achievements and innovations for work and educational purposes. Thus, this article shows, that the Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive Department at the moment is a one of the leaders in preparation the electromechanician specialists in Ukraine, and its strong relations with industrial enterprises and educational institutions as Ukrainian as and international, allows to take a leading position in electromechanicians society.

Key words: electromechanics, education, analysis, industry.

1. Department of Automatic Control and Electric Drive. Experience. Achievements. Prospects. – Kremenchuk: KrNU, 2012. – 312 p. [in Ukrainian]

2. The official site of Department of Automatic Control Systems and Electric Drive of IEESCS KrNU [Online resource]. – Avialable at: http://saue.kdu.edu.ua [in Ukrainian]

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N. Gordienko, Yu. Alekseyeva, D. Rodkin (download)
[in Ukrainian]

The article shows how the department of automatic control systems and electric drive of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University is involved in preparations for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of T. Shevchenko. It is emphasized that on a technical department it is possible to conduct activities of humanitarian orientation that enhance the outlook of department staff, students, develop a sense of patriotism and pride for their country.

Key words: museum, anniversary, Kobzar, giant of national culture.

1. Gordienko N.O., Alekseeva Ju.O. To the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko // "Electromechanical and Power Systems, methods, modeling and optimization". Scientific Papers of the XII International Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists in Kremenchuk. April 10–11, 2014. – Kremenchuk: KrNU, 2014 . – PP. 266–267. [in Ukrainian]

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5. By the Ways of the Great Poet: atlas / Ed. N.O. Kryzhova. – Kiyv: DNVP "Cartographiya", 2014. – 87 p. [in Ukrainian]

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