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 Paper Submision
şişli trv bodrum travesti
alanya travesti


1. Download paper template.

2. Submit your paper in *.doc format via journal e-mail (Rules, Example of Reference).

3. All papers will be peer-reviewed (2 reviewers) within 3 weeks (Example of filledin Review).
Results of peer-review will be sent to your e-mail.
The reviewers may recommend to accept the paper, send it back to author for minor revision or to reject paper (the reason is surely specified).

4. Correct reviewer remarks of the and within 10 days send back the corrected version of paper via journal e-mail.
If paper is not sent back to technical editor within 10 days (or technical editor is not informed about delay) the material will be removed from the queue.
In case of the positive decision you will be informed about issue containing paper.

5. Pay for the publication by the details sent to you (cost 300 UAH., regardless of page number).

Approximate deadlines for submitting an article:

№ 1




till 10.03

till 10.06

till 10.09

till 10.12

Approximate dates for journal issues:

№ 1








For any questions please contact us:
е-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,
Technical Editor - Istomina Natalia, (+38) 068-642-00-23.